COOPrider Studio Art Gallery is located on Main Street in downtown Guerneville, California.  

We feature art by Karen Cooprider and Cindy Hawkins. Karen's focus is abstract paintings on metal and canvas. Cindy's work is primarily digital art on aluminum and acrylic surfaces. 

We participate in Guerneville's  1st Friday Art Walk every month and occasionally host a guest artist.

You can check us out on Facebook or instagram where you can also find our hours of operation.  We strive to offer a variety of items in all price ranges.

Karen's Artist Statement:

It could be the uniform of a sports team, the
grain of a wood floor, sunlight shining on a
piece of metal, or even a paint swatch. While
trying not to limit myself to one medium, these
are the things that inspire me to make art.

For the metal pieces I use various items and techniques to apply paint onto sheets of aluminum from an auto body shop. My favorite utensil is a metal whisk because it can give me thick bold lines with smaller looser lines at the same time. I also like to block out areas with circles and holes when I use a splatter effect. I keep the amount of paint and selection of colors to a minimum to allow the background aluminum to reflect and shine. Depending on one's position and the lighting, the pieces  seem to change and vary in appearance . I focus on the lines and shapes to try and keep the composition balanced. Sometimes, I like to sand around the perimeter to give the piece more depth and a frame effect.


Cindy's Artist Statement:

I delight in the experience of uncovering hidden treasure.  This is what inspires me to create art. By experimenting with photography and digital painting, I am free to discover, transform or enhance what may be hidden and allow it to come into visual existence. If you also share a passion for exploration and discovery, it is my hope that you will find enjoyment and perhaps a bit of intrigue while traversing through samples of my work.